Dog Vans

Rhino Linings are Specialists at Dog Van Conversions

Constructing bespoke designs to many of the councils in Northern Ireland, we will fit vents, ply-line the vans and build the pens to the requested specification. Once Rhino Linings is sprayed, it provides a watertight seal and an easy to clean surface.

Abrasion and Scratch Resistance

 You’ll be happy to know Rhino Linings products offer protection from scratches, scrapes and scuffs. Clawing and scratching that might have caused major damage in the past are no sweat with a Rhino® liner.

Easily Cleaned

You no longer need to worry about water, dog mess and urine in side your van. In fact having Rhino Linings sprayed on both the walls and floor means you can use a power washer to clean the dirt and grim from the inside of the van. Rhino Linings seamless protection means no drill holes or air gaps that might trap water and cause rust.

Slip Resistance

Only Rhino Linings sprayed-on protection is known for its true non-skid grip, designed to prevent slippage and provides a more secure footing for animal transportation.

Reduce Noise

A Rhino liner shrugs off impact and acts as a sound dampener, dramatically reducing road noise reverberation. We also take time to reduce any rattles from the cages and doors so you and your dogs can travel peacefully down the road.


Rhino Linings is #1 for a reason

Our spray on polyurethane liner, creates a seamless water tight and air tight seal, ensuring a rust and corrosion-free surface inside your van with an attactive finish which is soft to touch and easy to clean. Protect your van from dings, scratches and scrapes that cause the wannabe off-brand liners to bubble, peel, crack or flake.